Venalisa Transparent UV LED Soak Off Spar Cat Eye Gel Nail Polish

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Venalisa Transparent UV LED Soak Off  Spar Cat Eye Gel Nail Polish

Unlike a traditional nail polish, Venalisa Transparent UV LED Soak Off Gel Nail Polish is painted on with a brush and each layer is “cured” under a UV light to dry. Soak-off Gels come in a wide array of colors.This classic nail polish guarantees you gentle penetration, soften the epidermis, and deep moisturization. 


  • Dry time – The UV LED Soak Off Gel Nail Polish dries within minutes which means no dry time, no smudging, no dents.  LED Lamps cure within 30 seconds…
  • Long lasting – Soak-off Gel nail polish lasts from 2-3 weeks with no chipping.
  • Less damaging – Unlike traditional enhancements you don’t have to fear the drills or filing down of your nails.
  • Works on natural nails – While you can add length if you choose, Soak-off Gel Polish can be used over a natural nail like traditional polish.
  • You can layer polish on top – If you want to change your color mid-manicure, you can. Paint right over Soak-Off Gel with regular nail polish and remove it with non-acetone remover.



  1.  Prepare all of the nails by pushing back and removing the cuticles. This step is very important. The most common cause of lifting is cuticle left on the nail. 
  2. Using a 240 grit file or block, gently remove the natural shine from all of the nails. This removes surface oils and contaminants on the nail plate. 
  3. Wash away dust with anti-bacterial soap and water. 
  4. Apply dehydrator to all of the nails to remove the moisture from washing. 
  5. If you are adding length, apply tips or forms. For this demo we are doing a natural nail overlay.
  6. Apply primer to the nail plates. Use caution with primer so that you do not flood the nail plate and cuticle. 
  7. Apply a thin coat of clear gel to act as your base coat. Be sure and cover the entire nail from side wall to side wall, free-edge to free-edge.



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